Useless Things

Chris takes the camera to work with him almost every day, so I don't
often get a chance these days to snap many shots.  He did leave it
yesterday, though, and I took some random pics of our morning.


Ben was working very hard, as usual.


I was not.


I have started painting again, a bit.  Nothing fancy or museum worthy, but fun things that bring out that child-like spirit that has very unfortunately been buried lately under adult concerns.

My mother told us a couple weeks ago that we were living a wretched existence (I love my mom).  And at that moment, she was right.  We have this tendency to run around like chickens with our head's cut off whenever life gets a little tough, as if our sheer effort is going to make the difference.  Every single time we do that, sacrificing everything from time with each other to sleep to even eating, we suffer worse than the original problems in the first place, so I can't really figure out why we end up doing it again later.  Silly us.


But, that's what friends and moms are for, to tell us when we are being idiots.  So, lately I've been spending a little bit of each day (naptime) doing some completely useless things, to relieve myself from having spent so much time doing useful things.  Well, when I say "useless" in this context, I mean things that don't have anything to do with any of our businesses, or cleaning the house, or things like that.  I think the things I am doing ARE useful, but in more personal ways, like, um, helping me to not go insane.  Insane in this context just isn't a good thing, so the other day I painted an elephant.  Yesterday I painted a house and put glitter on its roof.  Today…well, today I'm blogging.  During naptime I may actually get outside and plant my flowers before they decide that the little 4 inch plastic containers they came in are their permanent homes, and die out of misery…

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