What we’re watching


Tonight we're watching Cirque du Soleil's Varekai before Ben's bedtime.  We don't have a TV, and haven't used our cable service since moving in here a year and half ago, so we really don't watch any TV.  However, we have a few concert-type DVDs that we do love to watch, Cirque du Soleil being one of them.  We have a projector that blows it up on our wall, and it takes up the whole wall.  This is right across from two large windows that face the street, so anyone that drives by gets glimpses of really rather interesting characters.  The Skywatcher is one of our favorites.


He is one of the "clowns" of the show, and always reminds me of my friend Evan.  Not that my friend typically wears grass pants or walks around in an oversized hampster ball, but I just imagine that he could play The Skywalker's kind of character.  (Sorry, Evan – but it really is a compliment!  The act is very good and fun).

I think what Ben likes the most about these shows (we have three) is the music.  He has responded to music from the moment he was born, and has been dancing since before he could walk.  He'd lay on the floor on his tummy, bouncing and slapping to the music (often he even claps to the right time).  Not long after he learned to walk, then run, he added jumping to his musical routine.  He responds most especially in this respect to the group Celtic Woman, specifically the fiddle player, Maidread.


The moment she comes out and starts playing, he is spinning, waving his arms, and jumping into the air, not unlike what I imagine primitive tribal dances to be.  I've considered videoing this reacting and emailing it over to them to see what a big little fan they have, which I really won't, but I'd still love to get it captured for our own watching later.  His joy at the music is so sincere and uninhibited, I always think of that famous "…dance like no one is watching…" quote.  How wonderful to be a child, not even remotely concerned about what other people must think you look like, as you're dancing to your heart's content.  We could all learn a lesson from that, I guess.

Anyway, I really just meant to pop in and say hi, and share what we were watching tonight.  We never get sick of these concerts, though we watch them over and over.  It is our evening wind-down time.  Sometimes we sit and watch, and sometimes we play.  And, of course, we always dance… (Though I'm always sure to close the blinds first).

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