Homemade French Toast

Fantastic Homemade French Toast

For many of you, school has started up again, and if you are like me, you find yourself rushed to get out the door on time (no matter where you’re going!). Breakfast time often suffers, and although I am not at all a fan of eating on the run, I do concede that eating on the go is better than not eating at all! This week we have been enjoying the very quick and tasty meal of French Toast. Save yourself the expense (not to mention preservatives!) of store-bought frozen waffles or toast, and make your own! You’ll find it surprisingly easy. Here’s what it takes:

French bread or a loaf Texas Toast

French Toast is very forgiving, and measurements do not need to be perfect. In general, 2 large eggs, about ¼ cup of milk, and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon whisked well together will make about a half a loaf of bread’s worth of French Toast. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium high heat, and brush on a light layer of vegetable oil. Dredge each slice of bread in the egg mixture (both sides), and place on the skillet. You can cook several at once. Cook for about 2 minutes or until light brown and toasty, then flip. When that side is nice and toasty, remove to a plate. Keep cooking more bread until your egg mixture is all used up.

For freezing, separate the cooked, cooled slices with waxes paper, place in a freezer bag, and put in the freezer. When you need a quick breakfast, simply remove a couple of slices from the freezer and pop in the toaster. We like to spread on a little butter and maple syrup, and place two slices together like a sandwich. Easy to eat on the go!

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