Hand-Painted Mini Sign Blocks

Just in time for the weekend, I’ve posted some new items for sale on my Etsy store, Our Backyard Studio!  Hopefully I have all my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed.  Although I have been selling online for many years, this is my first Etsy site and anything new is super-scary.

Here’s a preview of a few things I’ve put online so far.  I have probably 50 more things to get up there, so I’ll have some work to do over the weekend! 🙂


Storms Don’t Last Forever hand-painted small sign block @ Our Backyard Studio


You Are Stronger Than You Think hand-painted wood sign @ Our Backyard Studio


You Are My Lucky Charm hand-painted decorative plate @ Our Backyard Studios


Surf Life’s Rough Waves hand painted shelf sitter sign @ Our Backyard Studio


What A Wonderful Word, Hello (Crazy People movie quote) shelf sitter plaque @ Our Backyard Studio


Happy Easter Pink Decorative Plate with Grey Bunny @ Our Backyard Studios

Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend! 🙂

Child’s Play


(She is ready to paint!)

One thing I learned in the last couple months is that my girl loves to paint.  I try not to push art on my children – it is more that I encourage creative thinking, and try to provide as many supplies as possible for them to experiment with.  While our boy has been creating for a while (he's almost 8), I only introduced our girl to the wonders of paint this winter (she's 3).  She LOVES it.  Like, far more than I expected.  Apparently she's been watching me for a bit, because I saw her doing things in her first painting session that I always do.  


(I always let The Girl choose her own color palette)

I haven't really taught either child to do anything technical or specific so far, I've mostly just provided the materials, helped prevent permanent staining on clothing or furniture, and otherwise let them go to town.  The Boy leans more toward intricate, controlled, elaborate drawing.  The Girl, on the other hand, is clearly in to passionate, messy, all-over-the-canvas abstract art.  


(This is her art book)

It is fascinating to watch both of them – It has perhaps been my highest form of art education, watching the minds, hearts, and hands of my children as they create.  I have already shared some of this on facebook, I think I'll have to share more of this on my blog as soon as I can get some better photos…..


(This is what her paint palette always looks like after painting session – she usually uses up all the paint she is given)