New Wood Slice Ornaments

Hello!  After cutting and drying the bounty of branches in our back yard for the last several months, I have been having a lot of fun painting the resulting wood slices.  Having a basically unlimited number of tiny "canvases" at my disposal has really allowed me the freedom and permission to just pick up a brush and paint whatever design comes to mind.  Since they are so small, it's been easy to do a few in a single sitting, as I have time.

Here are a few of the most recent I've posted for sale in the shop:

Heart Wood Slice Ornament – nordic-inspired, in red, white, and light blue.


Ghost with Spider Wood Slice Ornament – a friendly little ghost with a dangling spider, against a pumpkin-orange background.


Hello Wood Slice Ornament – "hello" has been one of my more popular signs, here it is in an ornament, in a coral, aqua, and cream color palette.


Purple Halloween Monster Wood Slice Ornament – inspired by the purple people eater! 🙂

I have a whole stack of these next to me still ready to go, I'll share as soon as I get them online.  All the designs are free-hand, right out of my head, so they are one-of-a-kind!  Let me know if you have any special requests, I love to hear your creative ideas. 🙂

Hand-Painted Mini Sign Blocks

Just in time for the weekend, I’ve posted some new items for sale on my Etsy store, Our Backyard Studio!  Hopefully I have all my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed.  Although I have been selling online for many years, this is my first Etsy site and anything new is super-scary.

Here’s a preview of a few things I’ve put online so far.  I have probably 50 more things to get up there, so I’ll have some work to do over the weekend! 🙂


Storms Don’t Last Forever hand-painted small sign block @ Our Backyard Studio


You Are Stronger Than You Think hand-painted wood sign @ Our Backyard Studio


You Are My Lucky Charm hand-painted decorative plate @ Our Backyard Studios


Surf Life’s Rough Waves hand painted shelf sitter sign @ Our Backyard Studio


What A Wonderful Word, Hello (Crazy People movie quote) shelf sitter plaque @ Our Backyard Studio


Happy Easter Pink Decorative Plate with Grey Bunny @ Our Backyard Studios

Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend! 🙂

D is for Decorations

Christmastime is a feast for the senses.  I love the myriad of colors, lights, shapes, textures, and themes that dazzle and delight everywhere I go.  I’m 29 years old and I have yet to tire of it all.


Vintage glass glitter goodies from Wendy Addison of Seasons of Cannon Falls.


Angels watching over us…


Rudolph, of course.


Festive entertaining, by Park Designs.


Ho Ho Ho!

We have so many different styles and themes in the store.  This is my third Christmas as owner of The Weed Patch, and I have to remind myself that there will be many more Christmases to come, and many more fabulous shapes, colors, characters, textures, themes, and styles to come, so I try very hard to limit myself to my favorites.  Sometimes I actually succeed…

Breakfast in Tub

I had a nice morning today. Well, at first it wasn’t so nice – I kinda feel like I’m coming down with something, and I did something rotten to my neck because I can hardly move it. So I took a bath to see if I could loosen it up a bit. Aaaaahhhhhh…. I haven’t taken a bath since before I had Ben. (Well, I’ve bathed, I just haven’t taken a bath. So, here I am in this gloriously yummy water, complete with orange and peppermint essential oil, when Chris brings me my favorite tea, then proceeds to make me breakfast and bring it to me in the tub. He hands me this mess of eggs and veggies, which really didn’t look all that good, but it was GOOD. Really good. He just brings it in, and says he hopes it tastes good, then "oh, and I took photos for your blog." That was the best part, it cracked me up. Now he’s taking photos for my blog. I love it.

It’s kind of hard for me to remember to take photographs of my life, which is especially unfortunate as I never seem to remember much of anything unless I have photos to remind me. Blogging has been a wonderful way for me to start taking more photos. So has having a baby.
We’ve been pretty busy around here, but pleasantly so. We’re starting our most difficult and exhausting, but fun time of year – converting the store to fall! Within about two weeks we should have all the fall stuff out, and it is so much fun. I don’t know what it is about September and pretty much the rest of the year – it’s like a universally loved season. I really enjoyed spring this year. And I am thoroughly enjoying summer. But autumn….oooo, I can’t wait…

New Greeting Cards

I have just uploaded a bunch of handmade greeting cards onto my site, be sure to check them out in the gallery! Handmade greeting cards are how I started out in the paper arts world, as I discovered all sorts of stamping, punching, embossing, and embellishing techniques. All are handmade by me and are not prints or photocopies – in many cases, my cards are hand-colored using watercolors or colored pencil. Available in a multitude of categories, including Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Thank You, Just Because, and Easter to name a few – more will be added as time goes by. Currently none are up for sale, but I plan to put some up for sale soon with the average price per card in the $3 to $5 range. If you see one you must have desperately and cannot wait for me to get my act together, please email me at and we can make arrangements. You may also contact me if you have any questions about techniques I used, although while I’m happy to share my tools and tips, you may not copy my designs. Eventually, each card will have a description that gives credit back to the designer of the stamps I used. Hope you like them!