Updated Website

I have finally updated my website! I have learned how to take my own digital photos, move them from the camera to the computer, clean them up in photoshop and make them web ready, and get them up on my site. How wonderful it is to be (mostly) self sufficient! Maybe I can keep my website updated more often now.

I’ve added 4 new albums and about 20 new photos, some of which are long overdue. First, I created an album for Christmas, so you can see what I was up to over the holiday season. I also now have a folder for swaps and Artfest 2005 and put in some photos of the 2 swaps I’ve done as well as some pictures of my Artfest projects. Finally, I created a separate album for Altered Art. So far, I’ve got an altered bingo card I did over New Year’s weekend, as well as the project I started for my husband’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary in 2005. I altered a box of Russel Stover chocolates that he gave me for Valentine’s Day and cut 3 pages to fit inside that will fold out as an accordian book. I don’t yet know what I’ll put on the pages, so they just have a base coat of color so far, but the top of the box it totally finished. I will work on it each year around our anniversary until it seems done.

That’s it for now – I’ve been pretty busy on stuff for the last couple of weeks, I’ll add more photos and updates soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their new year!