A Day with Ben

So today was my first day home alone with Ben, just the two of us all morning and afternoon. A successful day, I think – I managed to get dressed and washed before he woke up. Unfortunately, I only got so far as thinking about my breakfast when he was ready for his, but oh well. An hour of feeding, dressing, changing, playing, changing, and feeding later, he was down for a nap. The photo is of His Cuteness sometime between a feeding and changing. I tried to get a shot of his smile, but each time I gave up and snapped a photo, he’d smile, only to stop when I tried to take another shot. Take my word for it, he smiles and is adorable.

It was an interesting day. See, I’m not quite sure how much around the house one can get done during the day when caring for an infant, especially one pretty much too young to entertain itself. It’s amazing all the different ways you can multitask, like pumping breastmilk while mixing up a cake, that sort of thing. All Ben has done today is eat! I don’t know if it’s the heat or he’s hitting a growth spurt, but it has been "food – food NOW" all day long.

However, I still managed to get a bunch of this pig sty cleaned up. I have a half finished project started in every room of the house, but hey, at least they’re started! I also was able to cook a whole meal for dinner – I made a chicken pita sandwich from this month’s issue of Cooking Light, which was very good but you might find a little dry if you are used to mayo on your sandwiches (Chris doesn’t bother to eat a sandwich without a inch or two of miracle whip, but he loved this sandwich, so I guess it isn’t missing anything). Made the roasted corn relish off the cover of the June magazine too, although I didn’t have a grill at the time so I just pan fried the corn, roasted the Anaheim chile on the broiler, then added the tomato, lime juice, cilantro, etc. Very yummy, but Chris thought was a little too spicy for him. We topped it off with fresh peaches and raspberry, and a good ‘ol Betty Crocker yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I think I could have made leather sandwiches and cardboard cake and it would have tasted good to us, as we’re so desperate for home cooking after being on the road for 4 weeks.

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