Earlier on Facebook, I promised I'd upload some photos of Phyllis.  Here he is!


Phyllis showed up at the Village, specifically right around the store, sometime last year.  He was almost fully grown when I started seeing him, so I am guessing he was a "dump."  Which sounds terrible, but really, the chicks all around Country Village are well cared for.  They get lots of attention, have lots of friends, and there are plenty of things to eat and places to sleep.


Phyllis generally stayed near our store and next door at Keepsake Cottage fabrics, but over time he became more comfortable with the place and he now makes regular daily rounds about the place.  I typically see him down at the Tea shop in the mornings, just inches from their door, crowing his brains out if they aren't open when he thinks they should be open.  He ends his day with us, waltzing right into the shop at almost the same exact time every day.  We do give him chicken feed, but he did this long before we ever fed him, so I think he just likes the attention.


I've never tried to touch him (and don't plan to), but he is comfortable enough just inches away from me, or the other gals at the store for that matter.  He probably recognizes us at this point, and knows we're safe.  At night, he sleeps on a high branch in a tree right above the hot dog stand.  Every night, in the exact same spot.  He's a very regular rooster.


Each spot in the village seems to have their own name for him, but near the beginning the Keepsake gals started calling him Phyllis, due to his silly hairdo, so much like Phyllis Diller's.  Yes, he's a boy, but it still fits.


Well, so that's Phyllis.  Feel free to come visit him sometime!  But come see me too please. 🙂

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