Domestic Illness…again…

Well, believe it or not, I am sick again.  There must be some sort of unofficial rule that if you get the flu shot, you eventually have to get the flu.  I have the first case of Influenza B that my doctor has seen yet this year.  There we were enjoying ourselves at the Seattle gift show buying for the store, when bam!  I go and get a fever.  Which just goes up and up until we go to the doctor, and he gives me this q-tip thingy I have to jam up my nose until I cry, and he says I have the flu.  Now, four days of missed work later, my baby is sick too.  He’s never been really sick before.  I sat him in my lap most of yesterday evening after he got back from the doctor, and he just sat there and whimpered, poor thing, over and over.  What an awful feeling to have your child feel so rotten, and not understand why he feels that way nor why you don’t seem to be doing anything about it.  Even more pathetically cute were his attempts at cheerfulness.  Every now and then a slow grin would emerge under those puffy red droopy eyes.  Ah, I love my son.

So, we’re both home sick today.  And I’ve been watching a LOT of movies.  Chris came back from errands with a whole handful, a really interesting selection – The Golden Child, Sweet Home Alabama, A Fish Called Wanda, Memoirs of a Geisha, to name a few.  Today will be another day of movie watching, sleeping, and drinking ungodly amounts of liquid.  And reading up on some of my favorite blogs.  Its been a while, so that will be a treat!

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