I is for Ice & Snow


Everyone, it seems, dreams of a white Christmas.  I am no exception – I love the snow.  Probably because the Puget Sound area almost never experiences a serious disruption in life due to snow – we tend to get its beauty, but not its dangers.


Have you ever noticed how quiet the world seems when it is snowing?  It’s like the snow absorbs all sound, and reflects every bit of light there is around, so it is still and super bright.


These photos are of Country Village when we got our snow a week or two ago.  It was so lovely.  It is interesting the effect that snow has upon us. 


Our customers went from strangers shopping next to each other in the store, to animated onlookers with comments to make and stories to share about the weather.  Although we all found it a pain in the butt, we all became so enthralled with the little white cornflakes falling lazily from the sky so bright white, you don’t know where the clouds end and the snow begins.


Twice now we’ve had snow in the month of December.  I can’t recall this happening all that often – usually I recall snow that actually sticks falling in January or February.  I’m so happy we’ve had snow to enjoy already!


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