Sugar Cube House

I'm so excited to report that one of our dearest friends gave in to me not-so-subtle urging and started a blog!  Kate is wonderfully creative, colorful, exuberant, and just explodes with life!  She's the kind of pretty gal who wears swishy skirts and strappy sandals that lace up your ankles.  In many ways, actually, she reminds me of my husband, only she's female.  Not that Chris wears strappy sandals, but they are both the type of people to cross by each other on the sidewalk and stop to say hi, and stay there talking for two hours, completely forgetting that they each had a place they were going.  I love that.  Anyway, she's a wonderful writer, lives a life full of adventure, and can be a bit silly too, so I'm so happy she's be sharing her life with us on blog land.  Hope she isn't too shy that I shared her lovely photo.  I'll put myself in here too, so she's not on this post all alone.  :)  Anyway, you can visit her at Sugar Cube House.
And I have to throw in B., too…

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