B is for Ball, Birthday, and Benjamin

This has been a pleasant week so far – a good mix of productivity at home and at the store, one-on-one time with Ben, some visits with friends, and some artsy stuff done too. I always forget day to day what I’ve done, and thus can’t recall what progress I’ve made on my to do list, so consequently I’ve started keeping a weekly to do list – each weekend I write up a list of things to complete during the following week. Sometimes in the morning each day I’ll highlight what I’d like to get done that day, to help keep me focused, but I mostly like to keep things open because with the store, a baby, and the nature of life in general, you never know what kind of a schedule you’ll have.
I love lists. I love to cross things off a list, even if it is "take a shower." The list for this week had a little bit of everything, like take a walk, vacuum, enter products onto The Weed Patch’s website, crochet some flowers, play with Ben, cook dinner, etc. B is for Ball, because I crocheted Ben a ball to play with (see photo above). It is just plain Red Heart verigated rainbow yarn I have leftover with something else, but it crocheted up into a really nice big ball. It has a bell inside to give a little jingle, and I didn’t fill it too full, so then he can grasp it. Earlier this week I had picked up the unfinished project to move it out of my way, when I noticed his eyes following it. He really stared at it! So, I finished it right then and there and gave it to him to play with. He grabbed it and put it in his mouth (well, not the WHOLE thing, as it is the size of a pummelo).
B is also for Benjamin, of course. I couldn’t possibly do a B entry without including him. What kind of mom would I be?
This is Ben having a bath in our kitchen sink, about a week ago or so. I think these are all a week or two old.
This is him chillin’ with Grandma at the family reunion two weeks ago. He does that a lot. Just chillin’.
He attended his first birthday party this last Saturday. Our goddaughter Elise turned two this last Friday, and there was a big fat party for her – with a Curious George Theme. Andy describes the party rather accurately and amusingly, so I’ll let him tell the tale.
It occurred to me at the party that within a few years, if things go on as currently planned, our casual get-togethers with our two best friends are going to be just like that – a dozen children running around to keep track of. As there were about that many children at this party, and all under kindergarden age, it gave me a little taste of reality. I liked it, fortunately, but whew! Am I going to be tired. And BUFF.
But happy. 🙂

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