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I have gotten a little behind in reading the blogs I enjoy keeping up with, and today I read a lovely blog from Bella Dia, who shared a wonderful idea for a series of postings. She calls it Encyclopedia of Me Meme – I have no idea what Me Meme is, so I’m just calling it an encyclopedia of daily life. Here’s how she explains it: Starting tomorrow, August 1st, I’m going to make a post each day of the month beginning with ‘A is for…’ and on the 26th day, ‘Z is for…’ My posts will be different random topics that somehow relate to my life and at the end I should have something similar to Amy Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. "

I think this sounds just wonderful! I love questions and prompts like this, I always write better that way. I’m afflicted with this awful problem where I think of all kinds of interesting things when I’m out and about, no where near a writing instrument, but when I get to the computer or journal, I can’t think of anything useful to say whatsoever. Or, if I can think of something interesting to say, I can’t think of how to write it, so I sit there and stare at the screen or blank page. That’s why some of my favorite books are those where the author has written about topics I think about, and I spend the whole time pointing in my head and saying "yes, I know exactly what you mean!"

So I’m really looking forward to this, although I’m hoping I can commit to it. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it, and would just write as it comes to me, but she started this on August 1st and my birthday is on the 26th, so if I keep up that means I’ll have a whole alphabet of life to look back on. I am also afflicted with a remarkably poor long-term memory (when it comes to my life experiences – I can remember numbers and what products we sold at the store two years ago, and things like that, relatively well. But I couldn’t tell you what my childhood lunch box was, or what trips we took every summer as a family. Sheesh!), which is why I took up journaling, and now blogging, in the first place.

I don’t really know what A is going to be tomorrow, or what any of the other letters are going to be, but I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens. Let me know if you are participating, I’d like to read what other people are doing. Its not too late to join in!

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  1. I’ve been following these, too, and have found some of them to be very interesting. Creative Little Daisy’s(www.creativelittledaisy.typepad.com) have been fun to follow. Now, with only 19 days left in the month, I’d have to do some backtracking…but it still sounds like fun. Hmm…

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