Computer is back (thus so am I)!

My computer has graciously decided to work again! Not that I’ve had even a second to give it any attention as a reward, but at least it is functional. We have been busy bees finishing up the store expansion, which I am happy to say is just about finished, thanks to all the help from all our lovely employees, and some beloved family members that decided to jump in on the fun. I am so behind in all the things I need to share – photos of the expanded store space and new signs, our article in Country Pleasures magazine, lots of clean ups and homey additions to our little nest here in Snohomish, not to mention lovely shots of the town over the last several weeks, and many different little art and craft projects I’ve been working on. Next on the to-do list, however, is getting my very own card reader so that in the off chance I do actually find a few moments to upload my photos, clean them up, and get them on a freshly written blog, Chris has decided to have our shared card reader with him at the store, so I’m out of luck. Pooh! I’ve requested my very own sometime this week, so I can start doing things more regularly. I have, however, finally turned on whatever thingy you have to do to make it so people can subscribe to your blog, so feel free to click on it to receive my updates!

For now it is bedtime, but I hope to type again sometime this week…

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