Day 15 – Canvas Background

This is my art for Day 15 – twenty minutes of play on a 6" x 9" canvas. I have no idea where I’m going with this, it was just important to feel paint squishing under my fingers again. This is the first art thing I’ve done since moving and I feel totally off-kilter. I thought I’d just work on some backgrounds and hope that inspiration hits later. This one is comprised of layers of "caveman" monoprinting and stamping with acrylics, plus some gluing down, scrapping off, coloring with watercolor crayons and pastels. I need to scrape off more of the paper, or glue something over it, as I don’t like how it looks so plainly obvious. It sticks out like a sore thumb to me. Other than that, it’s got some great texture and color – we’ll see what ends up living on it someday!

I worked from home all day today, plugging through yet another salary survey that had my brain reeling in numbers and numbers and more numbers. It was so nice to be able to work in a quiet relaxed environment with no interruptions disrupting my concentration. Consequently, I am ending my day feeling totally chilled out instead of completely wound up. Doing this sort of thing in the office wouldn’t be so bad if I actually had some privacy to allow to me to focus on what I’m doing, but unfortunately my desk is situated in sort of a "hub" area, and my fun-loving but often annoying co-workers don’t know when enough is enough – when I ask for quiet, that apparently translates to "please be even more loud and annoying, because what I’m doing really doesn’t take any thought at all or really even matter, and while you’re at it please also make fun of me for asking." Sigh. I love them dearly, but they can really get under my skin. Kind of like family, I guess!

Right now, the sun is setting, I can hear the trains going by, and my neighbor’s children are outside playing some sort of game that involves a lot of delighted screaming and running. The breeze is carrying the irresistible spring scents of lilac, flowering trees, and freshly-cut grass into my window to tantalize my nose – they’re saying "please, come outside and draw me!" I hope I can kick my art brain back into gear before spring is gone and summer is here!

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