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A fun survey I did yesterday for a yahoo group I am in…

FULL NAME: Janene Tindall

I LIVE: Western Washington

MY PEDIGREE IS: Pedigree? I feel like a dog. 🙂 Not sure I
understand this question. If you mean heritage, my maternal
grandmother was German, immigrated as a baby to the US in 1901 from
what was Poland at the time but is now in the area of Russia. My
maternal grandfather moved from Sweden. My paternal grandparents
were both born from English parents.

IN 5 WORDS I AM: I am who I am (that's five!). Just kidding.
Sheesh, what a hard question! Off of the top of my head, not
thinking about it too much:
1. Detail-oriented.
2. Introspective. (at first I put curious, but my friend gave me the
right word, and it was introspective – I wish there was a word for
the complete lack of ability to find the right words for things, as
that would be on my list).
3. Ok, I don't know the right word for this – I love SO many things,
with great interest and passion – I love God, I love people, and I
love tons and tons of things, big and small, I think they are all
just so COOL – is there a word for that? Loving? Loveful? Full-of-
loveness? Crazy? Maybe passionate is the right word…
4. Colorful
5. Silly or Playful
Did I mention I over-complicate things??

HAPPINESS IS: being in a big, bubbly, hot, claw-foot bathtub with
fresh air, candles, and a good piece of chocolate. Or maybe a
rocking chair with a good book and cup of tea. Hm…that's more like
serenity or contentment. Happiness is a little bigger…hmm…that'd be
more like that feeling that you are in the right place at the right
time in your life, doing what you should be doing and going where you
should be going, even if you aren't sure where that is and even if it
isn't always easy, but you aren't alone, and the people that you love
love you back.

I WISH: I wish I had a piano. I wish I wasn't so afraid sometimes.
I wish I wasn't at work right now, but at home enjoying our new house.

I'M MOST INFLUENCED BY: On the good side – God, nature, creation,
and really cool people. On the bad side – my own fears.

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO: Sing and dance.

I WANT TO BE: Me. It sounds silly, but I really do. I'm not very
good at it yet, but I'm getting there.

MY CURRENT ART PROJECT IS: Moving into my new art studio! That's
really it right now. But when that's done, I really want to make
some jewelry using etched copper, and to draw and paint some spring

I LOVE THE SMELL OF: Nature – freshly cut grass, spring flowers, saw
dust, the rain, etc.

MY BEST MEMORY IS: Honestly, any memory I can actually remember that
is more than a year old! You know, the kind of memory where you can
still smell, hear, feel, and taste everything about that moment. I
don't have many of those, I just don't have that great of a memory.
Um – well, today is the 8th anniversary of my relationship with my
husband, and I do remember that first kiss 8 years ago. It was a
very lovely moment. 🙂

MY CURRENT OBSESSION IS: My new house. It's only rented, but I
still get to live there. 🙂

I LIKE: my life. Hmm…I love so many things, it's hard to think of
what I just like. Um – my day job, bus rides, mustard on my
hamburger, cleaning bathrooms.

I DISLIKE: mayonnaise, people that are whiney or self-absorbed,
doing laundry.

MY FAVORITE FOOD IS: any food I don't dislike! I love food.
Favorites are homemade soups and bread, and anything with fresh
tomatoes, whole-milk mozzerella cheese and basil on it.


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT IS: Of those choices that I can actually
afford to go, my current favorite is Whidbey Island here in WA.

MY FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD: the pond out back behind our house and
all the critters I found in it. Otherwise, it was art supplies and

MY FAVORITE TOY NOW: If I had a pond out back, it would still be my
favorite toy! Otherwise it is honestly still art supplies.

CURRENT FAVORITE QUOTE IS: Success is not the result of spontaneous
combustion. You must set yourself on fire.
Reggie Leach


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