Chris says I need to blog

Chris says that I need to blog, so here I am blogging. The problem is that whenever I’m really hit with good thoughtful, interesting things to say (well, at least I hope they’d be interesting), I’m nowhere near a computer, and by the time I get back in the studio to write, I have either completely forgotten everything I so brilliantly thought of before, or I have so much to write about that I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, so I don’t write anything at all. Adding a third complication to the mess, I just read the blogs of a couple of my bestest friends in the world, and although I had so much fun reading through all the entries (they are talented writers and gifted storytellers, which I am not), I am feeling not only forgetful and overwhelmed, but now also really boring. Yet here I am writing anyway, so I suppose that is a start.

This week I juggled work, a class and exam, unpacking and settling back in after a 9 day vacation, and packing up to move in one week – all in the midst of the afterglow effect from Artfest and Coupeville, of course. All very good things, but in happening all at once, it does feel a bit stressful. But just think, in one week from today, I’ll be in a new home of our very own (well, via a lease, at least) with a door that doesn’t open into a balcony or hallway, where all 4 walls (plus the ceiling and floor) are ours and shared with no one else. Instead of rush hour traffic and noisy neighbors, we’ll hear the distant sounds of the train, the mill, and the river. And I’ll have a studio – oh, I’ll have a real live art studio! With a sink. And a walk-in closet. Sigh.

Every time I sit down to write or do art, all I ever seem to have on the brain is the house, and I just keep reliving it in my brain, room to room. So, I apologize if this is like the 50th time I’ve mentioned all these details, but I’m just very very excited.

Well, the more I write, the less interesting this blog seems to be, so I’m chalking it up to having wrapped china and packed boxes for 10 hours today and then I’m putting myself to bed. Have a lovely Saturday evening, world.

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