Welcome to the world, Baby Girl!


Early this morning (Wednesday, August 10), two of our dearest friends welcomed into the world their first child, a sweet little girl. She weighed 8 lb 4.6oz and measured 19 inches. Although born by emergency c-section, baby (as well as mom) is both doing very well.

We had the pleasure and the privilege to spend the first couple hours of labor with our friends late Tuesday night. Since we live closer to the hospital than they do, they came to wait out their early hours of labor at our place in case things progressed much faster than anticipated, as I believe is common among the women in the expectant mom's family. We have a quiet little courtyard nestled in the middle of our apartment complex – a pleasant little garden area in the middle of the bustling city, where we walked around and around the walkway, pausing only for brief contractions before proceeding down the path again and continuing our pleasant yet randomly funny conversation. It could have been any other normal night of laughter, stories, and memories shared in each others' company, except for the tension of excitement that I think we were all feeling.

By about 11:30 pm they were ready to move on to the hospital, so I enjoyed one last affectionate pat on the baby belly before we wished them well and settled down to a restless night of waiting for the call that would announce the new baby's arrival. It was very special for me to be able to enjoy that time with my friend during such a poignant moment in our lives. We were able to visit them that evening and hold E. She is so beautiful!  Another dear friend was there with her first baby girl, born just 5 months ago. So far we have all been through college, dating, first jobs, and marriage together, and now we are moving on to the wonderful new adventure of parenthood.  My friends say that Chris and I have to have twin boys so their girls can marry them and we'd all be family officially. Not sure THAT will be happening, but it is a nice idea. 🙂

Check out our friends' brand new website for a few photos: http://www.themoefamily.net/

Until next time, I am basking in the glow of babydom by proxy…..

P.S. Photo is of E at a couple months old, not newborn – I didn't know how to post photos until now. 🙂


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