First Swap – “Going Inside”

With much anticipation and delight, I received my very first collaborative art project back in the mail yesterday. The project was called "Going Inside" – the goal was to create 3 journal cards, sized 4" x 6", arted up on both sides, but including some kind of thought-provoking question or phrase on the back. We made 5 copies of each card, one of each player, and mailed them all to Debi Scott, our hostess. Debi is from Arizona and her origins have lent the project a distinct flare consistent with the desert in the southwest. Our journal cards are enclosed in a piece of Stoned Oil Cowhide that she picked up at the Leather Factory. Her husband Scott cut the pieces while she lovingly sewed each of them together and embellished with beads that look like polished sand. A long strap of hide was cut to wrap around the pouch and hold it closed.

Currently, I have the book proudly displayed on our brand new oak shelves in our living room, and it is fun to show and explain it to people that come to visit. Sometimes I like to pick it up and curl up on the couch with my journal, and flip through the pages drinking in the art and being inspired by the questions and quotes. As soon as I can take some digital photos and clean them up, I’ll show you all what it looks like!

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