Art Photos Uploaded

Ok, I have finally added some photos of my art to my gallery. There are still lots of bugs to be worked out on the site (for instance, I noticed that one of my photos is the size of texas), but hey at least it’s up. I’ve been learning a lesson lately – if I wait until I can do things perfectly, just as I want them, they won’t get ever done. So, here are my imperfect photos of my imperfect art. I hope you enjoy them and would welcome any feedback you may have.

Among the photos are some of my very first art journal ever. For those of you new to this concept, this is a journal where you don’t just write to express your thoughts and feelings, but you basically do anything you want to the pages that help to tell your story. This could be slapping on paint, or pasting in a ticket stub to a movie you just watched, or drawing your breakfast table, or sewing in some pretty leaves you picked up along the path of your afternoon walk. Anything goes, that’s the beauty of it. There are no rights and wrongs, and I really like that. I think I may have a serious problem with making things harder than they are. If what I’m doing is too easy, then I’m not really doing good, legitimate artwork. If what I’m doing is too hard, then I am inadequate and must not really be an artist. I create my own problems until I am one big neurotic mess and I sit in front of my art table unconsciously playing mind games with myself for hours until just when I finally pick up a brush and start going with the flow, it is some ungodly hour on a work night, and time to go to bed or suffer the next day at work. Ack! Can anyone relate to this? Sometimes I feel like I must have been dropped on my head at birth.

"Everyone looks for profection, but there is no such thing." Nigel Hawthorne in the movie Uncorked.

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  1. oh, I can relate to getting into the flow and realizing you’re gonna suffer the next day when you look at the clock. speaking of, why am I spending so much time surfing lately and not in my craft room?

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