Murder, She Wrote, She Wrote

We don't have a TV at home, we have Netflix, most of which I watch on my laptop.  I love it, because I really like ignoring an ignorable TV program while I'm working, or crafting, or whatever.  As I've been laying low the last couple of days, I've watched a LOT of programs, much of which has been Murder, She Wrote.  I just signed in to Netflix to watch another episode, and came across the reviews of the show.  This is the first one listed for this show, and it is so painfully accurate, it had me rolling.  Anyone who has watched this show will probably understand and relate to this review:

"Enjoying this series depends upon a few simple guidelines. 1.) An attempted
accent should be accepted as accurate. Likewise, an on-and-off accent should be
understood as consistently on. 2.) Jessica has an indefinite number of siblings
and close friends, so there's no point in wondering how she is an aunt to so
many. 2.) Don't notice the recasting of supporting actors in different roles. 4.)
Whether they love of hate her books, everybody knows J.B. Fletcher. 5.) Most
people, law enforcement included, know when to admit theyre out of their depth
and ask for help. 6.) Older ladies can stop anyone from fighting or using a gun
by speaking sternly or appealing to reason. 7.) Unlike the rest of us, Jessica
learns and remembers the names of everyone she meets–from cab drivers to
ambassadors. If you can suspend your disbelief and accept tv as it once was, you
can easily enjoy this program."