New Wood Slice Ornaments

Hello!  After cutting and drying the bounty of branches in our back yard for the last several months, I have been having a lot of fun painting the resulting wood slices.  Having a basically unlimited number of tiny "canvases" at my disposal has really allowed me the freedom and permission to just pick up a brush and paint whatever design comes to mind.  Since they are so small, it's been easy to do a few in a single sitting, as I have time.

Here are a few of the most recent I've posted for sale in the shop:

Heart Wood Slice Ornament – nordic-inspired, in red, white, and light blue.


Ghost with Spider Wood Slice Ornament – a friendly little ghost with a dangling spider, against a pumpkin-orange background.


Hello Wood Slice Ornament – "hello" has been one of my more popular signs, here it is in an ornament, in a coral, aqua, and cream color palette.


Purple Halloween Monster Wood Slice Ornament – inspired by the purple people eater! 🙂

I have a whole stack of these next to me still ready to go, I'll share as soon as I get them online.  All the designs are free-hand, right out of my head, so they are one-of-a-kind!  Let me know if you have any special requests, I love to hear your creative ideas. 🙂

Gifts, Emotions, and a Chocolate Box

I meant this to be a simple and quick little post about thinking outside the box when it comes to art supplies.  But right around the time I set my daughter up to paint outside, I received this amazing present from my friend in Alaska, so I have to share about that too.


Isn't this the prettiest little work of art ever?  It is exactly what I like.  A little bit of glitter and a little bit of dirt (not to say that this looks like dirt, I just can't think of a more eloquent way to describe the grungy antiquey brown look).  I really like the look of putting things together that seem like opposites, but end up making great art.  Like complimentary colors – exact opposites on the color wheel, but the most complimentary.

I was sitting here ruminating today on how many different emotions I go through on a regular day, every day.  I don't know if it is my life in particular (because we truly are on quite a roller coaster right now), or if this is just the way it is when you're in your 30s.  I dunno.  I woke up (literally) this morning to a violent autistic meltdown, have spent the afternoon feeling very blessed and grateful, with a lot of different things inbetween – and there's still hours left before bedtime!


Anyway, back to the original idea of my post.  My business name is Our Backyard Studio quite literally because almost every time the weather permits, at least one person in our household is creating art outside.  When it is The Girl, I simply lay down a few tarps, put her in some grub clothes, and let her go for it.


I am always trying to think as economically as possible when it comes to art.  I firmly believe that no one's desire or ability to make art should be hampered by concerns over cost of supplies.  There are a lot of wonderful art supplies out there on the market, many of which I have purchased.  But there's also a LOT of alternative supplies that cost little to nothing.


Take this paint palette for example.  It is my favorite!  It is the plastic insert from a box of chocolates.  I was about to throw it away when I realized those little divots are perfect for paint!  They are a little bigger than the white palettes you can get at the art supply store (better for mixing colors, or holding more paint for larger projects), plus there are a ton more on here.  Way to recycle!! 🙂


She is painting a wooden box that a friend gave to me about a billion years ago before we all had children – it was used for gift boxes at Starbucks, and these were extra.  I figure it will make a great shadow box or little display shelf.  She is painting it now as I type, so it'll be interesting to see how it looks when I'm done.  I always let her choose her own paints, and she's working today with red, burgundy, white, glittery silver, lime green, glittery teal, cobalt blue, and lavender.  As always, she was very deliberate in her choosing of her colors, and I just let her go with it.


Look at that great palette!  Have you ever used (or thought of using) random things from around your house in your art?  What kinds of things?

P.S.  I'll leave you with this last image, so characteristic of The Girl.  Wearing her brother's old (OLD) clothes, sunglasses from her super-girly auntie, swim shoes, and a hair-do a friend arranged 3 days ago.


Yep, that's her.