Kayak Point

A while back I wrote about our visit to Kayak Point park, and said I'd post some photos, then never did.  Chris just sent me a whole huge file of my photos that I'd taken, so I was going through them tonight and picked out a few. 


This really is a great park – a little bit of toys and slides and things to play on, but also the BEACH.  We did a great many fun things, mostly involving climbing, touching, exploring, digging, grabbing, jumping, sliding, pointing, and running. 

We looked for treasures…


We ate chocolate, drank coffee (well, I did),


sat on the beach, counted boats,


looked for beach glass,


and other great fun things…




Those last couple, by the way, are rosehips.  Like the kind you see on the side of the freeway about this time of year.  Same kind that they make Vitamin C with.  And the same kind used in our potpourri at the store.  Our most popular potpourri is dried scented rosehips, and people always think they are cranberries, which amuses me, because who HASN'T seen an actual dried cranberry?  Rosehips dry to a hard round berry anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter, and are very very pretty.  Dried or fresh!

And we saw other neat things…A sad, lonely claw all by itself….


…a stinky clump of sea goo looking very pretty behind a lens…


It was a lovely gray day, and fortunately it didn't rain on us.  If you want directions, let me know, and I'll get them from Chris.